Timothy Hawkins

Senior Pastor

"Thou shall not make Scripture boring!"
When it comes to being a pastor, communicator, husband and father, this is my personal credo. There is no portion of the amazing unfolding story of God's love that is yawn-or-doze-worthy.

My wife Kayla, and I, hail from Dallas, TX, where I spent the past several years in training and studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. Originally from Phoenix, AZ, I am a basketball enthusiast through and through. We have two young sons, Jamison and Whitman. Together as a family, we enjoy simple delights - experiencing something new, rooting on our favorite sports teams (unnamed because we are a house divided), laughing at the dinner table, and some good ole fun in the park.

Before spending time in Dallas, I served as a hospital chaplain and itinerate preacher in Kansas, which is when I realized I was a "decent" communicator but, more so, had a love for the local church and hoped God would one day use me to empty my cup into the lives of others. I know I cannot fill everyone's cup, but I believe it is my responsibility to empty mine. For this reason, I am constantly reading, hoping to glean wisdom and insight from those who are far smarter and much wiser and creative than I.

My desire is to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ by whatever means necessary so that His followers grow in grace and live in forgiveness and that those who are far from God or think themselves unworthy, hear about His love revealed in Jesus, who willingly died for their sin and rose from the dead.

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